• petey_hero

    Petey please?

    Meet Petey. Tiki Animal Rescue rescued him after spending the majority of his ten years under a plastic tarp in somebody’s backyard. In desperation, he would strip the bark off of a tree in order to not grow hungry. When found, his skin was in such bad condition; over 70% of his body was covered …

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  • sdch_herotile

    Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

    Everybody needs a home – a place where you can truly be yourself, and feel safe and loved. Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is a council pound and not-for-profit community facility. The home has been taking care of sydney’s lost and abandoned animals since 1946. As a charity organisation and an active re-homing facility, Sydney …

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  • champions

    Watch: The Champions

    “More forgiving of our species than we could ever be of theirs.” The Champions is an inspirational story about the pit bulls rescued from the brutal fighting ring of former Atlanta Falcon’s star quarterback Michael Vick, and those who risked it all to save them, despite pressure from PETA and The Humane Society of the United …

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  • Luna Wear

    The lovely Leila

    Meet Leila. She’s an 18 month old Boxer cross from Yagoona RSPCA. Sydney based web developer Karven, along with her four housemates, has developed a soft spot for shelter pups. Her lifestyle inhibits her from adopting her own dog, however this hasn’t stopped her fostering three dogs (Bella, Tess and more recently Leila) from the RSPCA. …

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  • pineshero

    A place among the pines

    “I’ve longed to see the pine trees. Their sweet smell; strong like the earth beneath my boots.” The concept of dog rescue is beguiling. One could assume that the exchange betters only the dog. It’s now safe, warm, loved? However, it’s not often spoken of the effect on the human. Late night ventures together to …

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  • zbhero

    Man’s best friends

    Brian has had Zombie, a Cattle Mix, for the best part of 12 years and in 2010, Benson, a Beagle x Staffy joined his clan. Benson (or Boob) is a gangly cry-baby whilst Zombie (or Zoom) is strong and sassy. For Brian, the dogs have helped with personal mental health struggles, and the three of …

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  • pup-article

    A voice for the unheard

    Seth, Annette and Geoff founded Tiki Animal Rescue in January 2015. They started the rescue with the intention of becoming a voice for the unheard. Leah, Seth’s partner, came onboard in September 2016 after their mutual interest for rescue brought them together. The rescue is privately owned, and they have successfully found forever homes for …

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  • jindy-article-hero

    Jindi; the red dog

    In 2013 my brother Matt drove out to a sheep farm outside of Moree to pick up his Kelpie, Jindi (a pup from two loved working dogs). Since then, she’s been his shadow; whether it’s sleeping on his tool belt at work, or catching waves, she is the definition of his best mate. Check out …

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  • tiki_logo2

    Tiki’s new logo

    Luna Wear prides itself on being able to help dogs that have it ruff, and our friends over at Tiki Animal Rescue needed a logo to push them into a new level of professionalism. They approached me in the hopes that I could help develop their new look, so my team and I at Being …

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